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Bear Safety Tips

If you live in Hadley, Longmeadow or anywhere in between you may have heard of recent bear sightings in your neighborhood! What should you do if you encounter a bear?  The National Park Service has a few tips for us to keep in mind..

Bear Safety Tips

bear safety


  • Do not approach the bear and especially if it is a bear cub, as the mother bear can get defensive.
  • Remain calm, speak in a low voice, as high pitched noise and quick movements can startle a bear.
  • If encountered…Speak to the bear so that it knows you are human.
  • Read more bear tips.


Other Bear Safety Reminders

  • Do not leave open containers of food outside.
  • Bird feeders can attract bears.
  • Bears will remember where they found the food and return.
  • If bears are known to visit your neighborhood do not leave pets or children unattended.

Nature is a beautiful thing, lets enjoy it safely.



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