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Airbag Recall Coverage

Did you hear about the recent airbag recall?

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about serious recalls.  For example there is a case of  an airbag recall.  Some insurance companies are even going so far as to extend auto coverage to rental cars or other replacement vehicles while their client’s car is being fixed for airbag recall repairs. They are extending airbag recallbeyond the 30 day period that is typically the limit for coverage to be extended.  Coverage will be extended for a set amount of time.

When the repairs are happening the defective vehicle must remain:

  1. Registered.
  2. Insured.
  3. Out of use.

Have you received a notice for a vehicle recall?    Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to follow up with recalls.  If you received a recall notice please don’t delay in responding to it.  Many insurance companies are trying to encourage their clients to follow through on recalls.  They recognize that recalls are serious and they may be willing to assist while you wait for the repair.

Call your local independent insurance agency for answers to further questions

Did you know there is a website that you can visit to look for the latest vehicle recalls?


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